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lost cause

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlost causelost causeFAILsomething that has no chance of succeeding Trying to interest my son in classical music is a lost cause. lost
Examples from the Corpus
lost causeAt first it seemed the attempt to save the species was a lost cause.That, however, is a lost cause.The miners' strike of 1984 turned out to be a lost cause.But they are not completely lost causes.In recent years he had come to feel that he was pouring all his energies into a lost cause.My patron saint was Saint Jude, the patron of lost causes.Stand by your principles but don't waste time on lost causes.It's seems that their marriage is a lost cause in which possess the husband and wife not real affection for one another.Like the languages in which it was born, this seems a lost cause to many.Like his rebel ancestor, Buchanan is fighting a lost cause with prideful determination despite overwhelming odds.
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