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lotuslo‧tus /ˈləʊtəs $ ˈloʊ-/ noun [countable]  1 HBPa white or pink flower that grows on the surface of lakes in Asia and Africa, or the shape of this flower used in decorations2 DFRMa fruit that gives you a pleasant dreamy feeling after you eat it, according to ancient Greek stories
Examples from the Corpus
lotusNefertum: the divine lotus or a man with a lotus blossom on his head.The floral examples include a large lotus calyx and two ivy leaves joined by a slight fillet.Its blade was two-edged, and made of heavy bronze, the grooves chased like lotus stems.They brought boxes of moon cakes and swallows' nests and bags of lotus seeds.A beautiful dish, it is more or less what it sounds like, sticky rice wrapped in green striated lotus leaves.The females play a dominant role, marking out for themselves a large territory on the lotus beds.The lotus pads lift themselves huge out of the lake, plates for the gods.The great coral pink and sunny yellow lotus blossoms swayed on their tall stems above the pool.
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