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loughlough /lɒx, lɒk $ lɑːk, lɑːx/ noun [countable]  DNSGin Ireland, a lake or a part of the sea almost surrounded by land Lough Neagh
Examples from the Corpus
loughSweethope has become an excellent put-and-take fishery and there are two loughs: Great Lough and Little Lough.My Enniskillen reverie came to an end as we moved out of that city at last, and continued southward beside the great lough.The city of Belfast has a magnificent setting, ringed by high hills, sea lough and river valley.The mountains were shrouded in mist and the lough looked grey and uninviting, and I got very wet.Strangely, the tracks came directly from the lough; there seemed to be no tracks going into the lough.The surface of the lough was black and still now, mirroring the lights at Fahan and Buncrana and between.The boat is rowed slowly round the lough whilst an angler sitting in the stern casts out at right angles.
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