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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlousylou‧sy /ˈlaʊzi/ adjective (comparative lousier, superlative lousiest) πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 especially spokenBAD of very bad quality syn awful, terrible πŸ”Š What lousy weather! πŸ”Š The food was lousy. πŸ”Š a lousy filmβ–Ί see thesaurus at bad2 β†’ feel lousy3 spoken not very good at doing something syn hopeless, terriblelousy at/with πŸ”Š I’m lousy at tennis. πŸ”Š Brenda’s lousy with kids. πŸ”Š a lousy teacher4 spokenLITTLE/NOT MUCH small, useless, or unimportant πŸ”Š He left me a lousy fifty cent tip.5 β†’ be lousy with something
Examples from the Corpus
lousyβ€’ I feel lousy.β€’ The donuts turned out to be lousy.β€’ I was lousy at biology in school.β€’ I'm such a lousy cook that I usually eat out.β€’ Hopewell got a lousy credit rating, which meant investors wanted a higher interest rate.β€’ It was a cold lousy day and drizzling by evening.β€’ As luck would have it, I was a lousy engineer.β€’ You know, back then, I worked every lousy job in town, you name it.β€’ Feeling small and lousy, not knowing what to do; fit for nothing, not even to stick out your hand.β€’ This country is lousy with them.lousy at/withβ€’ You're no business-woman, Mrs Sutherland, you're lousy at it.β€’ Brenda's lousy with kids.β€’ I'm lousy at tennis.β€’ The place used to be lousy with them.β€’ This country is lousy with them.β€’ Gera and Postema are but footnotes in a sport that is lousy with trivia.
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