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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloutlout /laʊt/ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š VIOLENTRUDE/IMPOLITEa rude violent man syn yob β€”loutish adjective πŸ”Š loutish behaviour β€”loutishly adverb β€”loutishness noun [uncountable] β†’ lager lout
Examples from the Corpus
loutβ€’ Only a lout would treat a woman that way.β€’ What a clumsy lout he was!β€’ The resulting fictionalised account is a faithful portrait of a musical genius, drunken lout, spiritual healer, liar and clown.β€’ And I am not talking about the drunken louts who beat their wives to death in a cellar.β€’ In Ursula's humble opinion, the ice might start to thaw if you stop being a brutish, insensitive lout.β€’ What about lager louts and football hooligans?β€’ We stood at the bar being jostled by some thick-necked lager louts.β€’ A few foul-mouthed louts in the crowd were shouting racist abuse.β€’ Sons of louts grappled with the coffin in vain; they could neither cram it in nor twist it out.β€’ The young louts roam the neighbourhood.
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