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love/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlove/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of something)love/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of something)informalALL/EVERYTHING if you love, enjoy etc every minute of an activity or experience, you love, enjoy etc all of it I went camping for a week and enjoyed every minute of it. minute
Examples from the Corpus
love/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of something)I know we all enjoyed every minute of the three hectic months.But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.I got a goal and enjoyed every minute of it.And I give it all I got and enjoy every minute of it.He went down early each morning and jumped up and down in the briny, enjoying every minute of it.The first mile was pure pain and I hated every minute of it.And he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.And even when the tires went flat or the road grew rough, we loved every minute of the journey.
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