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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlovelornlove‧lorn /ˈlʌvlɔːn $ -lɔːrn/ adjective literary  SAD/UNHAPPYsad because the person you love does not love you syn lovesick
Examples from the Corpus
lovelornThe religious life was well known for providing consolation for the lovelorn.After a week of feeling lovelorn and dreamy he decided to contact her.She did not know what the message was: Lee in this state was no longer a lovelorn friend but a trauma.The lovelorn giant knew Galatea would never have him; his case was hopeless.Plump Beryl who talks to the office cactus is lovelorn, it is revealed.But her lovelorn millionaire husband, Bill, had spent more than Pounds 50,000 on private detectives to track her down.
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