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love‧ly S2 W3 comparative lovelier, superlative loveliest
1 especially British English beautiful or attractive:
She had a lovely face.
What a lovely house!
You look lovely in that dress.
He was a lovely little boy.
What a lovely day!
2 spoken especially British English very pleasant, enjoyable, or good:
Thank you for a lovely evening.
That was a lovely cup of tea.
3 informal especially British English friendly and pleasant:
Richard's a lovely person.
4 British English spoken used to say that something is not at all enjoyable or good:
'The cat threw up all over the carpet!' 'Lovely!'
You've made a lovely mess in here.

lovely and warm/fresh/clean etc

British English spoken used to emphasize how good something is:
This bread's lovely and fresh.
6 British English spoken used to show that you are pleased with something:
Push it right across. That's it, lovely.
loveliness noun [uncountable]
person: lovely, pleasant, charming, sweet, adorable

thing/place/activity/time: lovely, pleasant, delightful

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