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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloverlov‧er /ˈlʌvə $ -ər/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIENDsomeone’s lover is the person they are having a sexual relationship with but who they are not married tomistress He killed his wife’s lover. Nicola and I were lovers. a pair of young lovers2 LIKE somebody OR somethingsomeone who likes something very much music lovers animal loverslover of lovers of the outdoors
Examples from the Corpus
loverLovers of night life won't be able to resist the many nightclubs in the area.We are a nation of animal lovers.A few nights later, they became lovers.That night she received a call from her lover.Probably racing on to meet her lover, he thought.Mariana herself could also be seen as asleep because she refuses to wake up to the probability that her lover will not return.Every jazz lover dreams of visiting New Orleans.Over her lifetime, Catherine had many lovers.Arabella has had many lovers.Created so by Ted Mosse, lover of uniforms, not too honest, deceased.Kilpatrick claims that she and the congressman were once lovers.an opera loverOne lucky racing lover will own a horse for the jumps or the flat season.The lover of one of his former students died last week.In the same way it can reassure a timid lover, or comfort a woman weak from childbirth.young loversThe thought came back of the two as young lovers.Three pairs of young lovers walked by, hand in hand, whispering dreams of emigration.It was a very sad play, because the young lovers die at the end.It's not the young lovers I marvel at, but the older ones, such as one couple I see regularly.The death of two young lovers was the cause.According to legend they were young lovers whom the druids forbade to marry.music loversA must for all Guinness and music lovers.The report urges consumers to start demanding value for money, but music lovers are sceptical about what they can achieve.At least music lovers have made it known they're no longer willing to part with money for nothing.Most music lovers assume the convention was widely established at least by the early days of this century.Now music lovers have come to the choirs rescue.A nation of music lovers mourns ... Despite his lack of musical ability, Gedge became interested in writing songs.At last, a clear picture of music lovers and lovers.For the music lovers, the serious devotees, Arsena's music would dominate the entire production.
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