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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlovinglov‧ing /ˈlʌvɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  1 [only before noun]LOVE behaving in a way that shows you love someoneloving wife/family/parents etc the confidence he had gained from having a warm and loving family What that child needs is plenty of loving care. He’s very loving and affectionate with his sister.2 peace-loving/fun-loving/home-loving etc3 done with a lot of care and attention the loving care with which the house has been restoredlovingly adverb She smiled at him lovingly. the plane he had lovingly built
Examples from the Corpus
lovingThey were part of her loving.Her husband was loving and supportive throughout her long illness.It is the routine and tender loving care of the staff that create the best atmosphere.It is a speech of effusive praise, which if it were true, would make her an exceptionally loving child.Only good can come from loving company.Suddenly Anne thought of the kitchen as it had been throughout her childhood, a warm, secure and loving haven.a loving husbandShe was a devoted wife and a very loving mother.Voices may sound loving, or angry, or anxious.loving wife/family/parents etcAlong the way, he enjoyed a rewarding marriage and a loving family.I come from a good and loving family.It does not matter; she is in a warm and loving family.My loving parents are determining my future, with only my best interests at heart.A new baby is simply accepted into a loving family as a gift.No one on earth had such a loving family, no one on earth felt so cooped up and smothered.Their dad, she felt, deserved a far more loving wife than Maud had become.The confidence he had gained from having a loving wife was being undermined by a feeling of rejection from the public.loving careLucky patients get superb nursing care, infused with professionalism and tender loving care.The Backup New yachts suffer from teething problems, and older yachts need lots of tender loving care.Mud-Pony-Boy healed the horse with loving care and herbal compresses for the injured foot.Nails dry out in the sun, too, and need just as much loving care as your hands!Your goal is to provide tender; loving care in spite of his negativity and defiance.With glass and tender loving care it can be done.It is the routine and tender loving care of the staff that create the best atmosphere.Hospitals needed some one to give tender loving care to chil-dren, social agencies had various similar needs, and so on.
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