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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-endˈlow-end adjective [usually before noun] especially American English  relating to products or services that are less expensive and of lower quality than other products of the same type opp high-end low-end desktop computers
Examples from the Corpus
low-endThe company expects the early versions of the chip will go into low-end desktop computers primarily sold outside the United States.Rochester will continue to manufacture disk substrates and design the low-end disk drives.low-end electronicsSun is also developing multiple iterations of Tsunami, its low-end low-cost high-volume single-chip MicroSparc engine.Years ago, adults used expensive, high-powered computers at work and bought a low-end machine for the kids.It's intended for low-end machines and multiprocessors.Due out this year are a series of inexpensive, low-end notebook machines with high-end features.Other gossip has Sun's low-end Tsunami box - due imminently - cast as Sunrgy.Even low-end units will keep you going for anywhere between 5 minutes and a half-hour.
From Longman Business Dictionarylow-endˈlow-end adjective [only before a noun]MARKETING low-end products are the cheapest available in a company’s range of products, or in a market in generalthe low-end PC marketlow end noun [singular]This model has been developed for the low end of the workstation market.
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