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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-pitchedˌlow-ˈpitched adjective  1 APMa low-pitched musical note or sound is deep opp high-pitched the low-pitched hum of the generator2 low-pitched roof
Examples from the Corpus
low-pitchedThis is even more pronounced on a double bass which has even lower-pitched notes.It was low-pitched and reverentially modulated, a nice, crisp, modest baritone.It is a stone building with a big low-pitched and stone-flagged roof, and its power is provided by two overshot waterwheels.She heard a familiar low-pitched "good morning."The most bothersome and fatiguing noise, these low-pitched hums, are usually from 30 to 1,500 hertz.It picks up all low-pitched noise, and so it should be used in quiet circumstances, on your own.Bass could also be reinforced by careful choice of recording horn, which added low-pitched resonances of its own.It picks up all low-pitched sounds but not high-pitched sounds. 2.Therefore amplified vibration on the skin gives only information about low-pitched sounds.
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