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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-slungˌlow-ˈslung adjective [only before noun]  low and closer to the ground than usual a low-slung sports car
Examples from the Corpus
low-slungIt was magnificently low-slung, almost like a sports car, but with four plush leather seats and a thrusting bonnet.A few minutes later a youth with a shattered left knee-cap was wheeled on a low-slung ambulance trolley into the Cleansing Theatre.Its long, low-slung body with squarish sides is a throwback to the Lincoln Continentals of the 1960s.Nissan's ten-year-old car and truck plant is a huge complex of white, impersonal, low-slung buildings.A low-slung gray Chevy pulled into the lot.It filled several low-slung office buildings in Cupertino, and had hundreds of employees.Most of these are the tracks of low-slung voles whose bellies drag in the snow.
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