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lower school

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlower schoolˈlower school noun [countable]  the classes of a school in Britain that are for younger students, usually aged 11–13
Examples from the Corpus
lower schoolWe were asked to sit in the third and fourth rows and the lower school children filed in.Consequently children in that school follow aspects of the arts throughout their time at the lower school.During the lower school period there are no grades on these report slips.Naturally for reasons of economy - some boys were deterred from progressing and continued in the Lower School, wasting their time.Mr Brown has been Head of the Lower School for six years.Meanwhile Pope, the master of the Lower School, had been compelled to resign through ill-health at the end of 1854.Kirkby firemen prevented flames reaching the lower school annexe and nursery school, where classes continued close to normal for 140 youngsters.
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