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lower your eyes/head

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlower your eyes/headlower your eyes/headDOWNto look down opp raise Christina blushed and lowered her eyes. lower
Examples from the Corpus
lower your eyes/headA nurse took her arm and led her to a chair, commanding her to lower her head.When Ray finished, he passed the microphone and lowered his head.The horse must be taught to lower his head and find balance on his hocks.When we meet, she lowers her head and scoots by, but I can see the tears in her eyes.Kathleen Lavender lowered her head, in tears of distress.He lowered his head on to the table; the marble felt fresh in contact with his flushed skin.Gao Yang lowered his head, sending drops of cooled sweat sliding Jown the tree to the ground.It made a small noise in its nostrils, then lowered its head slightly, as if bowing to her.
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