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lower yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlower yourselflower yourself[usually in negatives]BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS to behave in a way that makes people respect you less I wouldn’t lower myself to speak to her after what she’s done. lower
Examples from the Corpus
lower yourselfCorrigan took them and lowered himself.He slid into schooling like an athlete lowering himself into a whirlpool, feeling the heat deep in his tissue.I lower myself into the chair, keeping as far away as possible.Hindered by scolding women and jeering men, the soldiers lowered themselves into the cramped crawl spaces.The hood framed her expressive face, emphasising the grimace of determination before she lowered herself into the starting blocks.I gave Becky to them and lowered myself into the water.Police were called to the shop in Southampton after a passer-by spotted Urben lowering himself through the roof into the showroom.She lowered herself to the beam, one leg down, the other forward.
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