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lowlandslow‧lands /ˈləʊləndz $ ˈloʊ-/ noun [plural]  SGan area of land that is lower than the land around ithighlands the Scottish lowlandslowland adjective [only before noun] a wild lowland landscape lowland farmerslowlander noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
lowlandsthe Bolivian lowlandsHow does farming on the north eastern lowlands of Buchan differ from that further south in Lothian and Fife?The fertile lowlands are always the first places to be occupied and Java was no exception.The book tells of the native peoples' way of life in the lush lowlands and the hills.The shorelines of ancient seas can be traced uncertainly along the margins of the great northern lowlands.You gain altitude constantly from the river lowlands until you are under the mountain peaks.This plant has a long leaf form which is found in the lowlands where the temperature is substantially high.We drove past the coffee plantations of Santa Tecla and down into the lowlands.
Lowlands, thethe LowlandsLow‧lands, the /ˈləʊləndz/  the central part of Scotland which is lower than the land surrounding it see also Highlands, the
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