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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlucklessluck‧less /ˈlʌkləs/ adjective literary  UNLUCKYhaving no luck in something you are trying to do syn unfortunate He died in the desert like so many other luckless explorers.
Examples from the Corpus
lucklessJust as this realisation dawned, a luckless couple drew into the parking space to read a map.Keen Hunter was second and luckless Elbio third.Adding insult to injury, a double cross awaits our luckless hero in the final stanza.The story presents a picture of the luckless, homeless skinhead which corresponds closely to the movement's own mythology about itself.At about this point, it seemed it was the audience who needed to be rescued, not the luckless motorists.It was no more than Wanderers deserved after a luckless opening.But with a new-found strength she swung it as a feather, at the luckless Rubberneck.William Holden stars as a luckless scriptwriter in "Sunset Boulevard."
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