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lucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do somethinglucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do somethingused to say that someone is lucky or unlucky that something happens to them They were unlucky enough to be caught in the storm. enough
Examples from the Corpus
lucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do somethingAlan was lucky enough to discover a scorpion in the fruit bowl.And handsome David Wood, who now runs his own hairdressing salon in Melbourne, was lucky enough to date her.And when I was lucky enough to enjoy some rare hot weather my feet stayed as cool as I could have expected.If you are lucky enough to see one, observe it from a distance.Regardless of their preferences, not every couple is lucky enough to find two equal jobs in the same community.Some authors are lucky enough to think naturally in terms of story.And I was lucky enough to sit in the catbird seat and watch and learn and be changed myself.I thought I had been lucky enough to pick up a shore current that was helping me along toward the rip.
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