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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlugubriouslu‧gu‧bri‧ous /luːˈɡuːbriəs/ adjective literary  SAD/UNHAPPYvery sad and serious – sometimes used humorously syn melancholy, morose his lugubrious tear-stained facelugubriously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
lugubriousShe could imagine what was going on in the lugubrious depths of Baikal.After a few minutes the door opened and a young, lugubrious face looked out.Henry was large and jovial and partly bald, while Jimmy was small and rather lugubrious in appearance and hailed from Glasgow.The Rectory drive was dank and dripping between its lugubrious laurels.Their host was a huge, lugubrious man, who reminded Graham of Demis Roussos.People ate lugubrious meals around the waterfalls, their faces green with marine sorrow.He remembered the merchant, long, lanky, and lugubrious of countenance.McNab's head was lowered and he seemed to be pondering in a lugubrious sort of way.a lugubrious voice
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