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lukewarmluke‧warm /ˌluːkˈwɔːm◂ $ -ˈwɔːrm◂/ adjective  1 DFHOTfood, liquid etc that is lukewarm is slightly warm and often not as hot or cold as it should be syn tepid She sipped some lukewarm coffee from her mug.see thesaurus at hot2 ENTHUSIASTICnot showing much interest or excitement His idea got only a lukewarm response from the committee.
Examples from the Corpus
lukewarmThe water also should be cold, not room temperature or lukewarm.The coffee was only lukewarm.Their response to my idea was only lukewarm.For a long time, as you know, he was lukewarm about it.Investment fund managers are a little lukewarm about the prospects of these bonds.The air of the hospital is lukewarm, and it hums, and tastes of human organs obscurely neutralized or mistakenly preserved.Lester finished speaking, and there was a ripple of rather lukewarm applause.a lukewarm bathThe bartender handed me a mug of lukewarm beer.Republicans will point to the failure as proof of the administration's lukewarm commitment to missile defense during the past seven years.Sikes' new movie received a lukewarm reaction from critics.As for Smith, he received a lukewarm reception from his teammates Wednesday.Its brevity, awkward composition and lukewarm style of its writing stemmed from the Committee's revisions.This is the more remarkable in view of the lukewarm support some of the policies have had in the Cabinet and party.Higher education for the deaf receives the same lukewarm support.Research chief, Michael Greenall, said "I'm lukewarm toward the whole deal."lukewarm responseDelays in implementation deadlines have, however, produced a lukewarm response from campaigners.
From Longman Business Dictionarylukewarmluke‧warm /ˌluːkˈwɔːm◂-ˈwɔːrm◂/ adjective not showing much interest or excitementThe market reaction to its flotation was lukewarm.The proposal is expected to get a lukewarm reception from small businesses.
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