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lumberjacklum‧ber‧jack /ˈlʌmbədʒæk $ -ər-/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  lumberjack.jpg TAFsomeone whose job is cutting down trees for wood syn logger
Examples from the Corpus
lumberjackShe's a lumberjack ... and she's okay.The country-style breakfast consists of enough fresh juice, farm-fresh eggs, bacon and freshly baked bread to stop a lumberjack.A lumberjack peered down from the slate above the door.He's wearing a matching blue check lumberjack shirt.The boy is wearing the yellow check lumberjack shirt Sam bought him.The Characters Paul Bunyan: A giant lumberjack.Paul Bunyan Summary Paul Bunyan was the greatest lumberjack there ever was.Tara, with his lumberjack shirt and messy hair than hangs irritatingly over his right eye.
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