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lump sum

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlump sumˌlump ˈsum noun [countable]  BEWan amount of money given in a single payment When you retire you’ll get a lump sum of £80,000.
Examples from the Corpus
lump sumAt retirement, your pension money can be taken out as a lump sum.Alternatively a rentcharge may, under the 1977 Act, be bought out by a lump sum payment.Expect a lump sum paid in advance, either per month, or year.Usually, for every £1 of annual pension you give up at 60, you will receive a lump sum of £11.Under a block grant approach, each state would receive a lump sum to be divided any way the state chose.The average partner received a lump sum of $ 7. 8 million from the sale.If you take a lump sum, the amount by which your pension will be reduced is mainly determined by your age.A pension loan takes advantage of the cash lump sum your pension plan will provide at retirement.Additionally, he would have received $ 6,000 in lump sum payments.
From Longman Business Dictionarylump sumˌlump ˈsumINSURANCE an amount of money given in a single paymentAccident victims can receive compensation payments in installments or as a lump sum.The early retirement plan offers four weeks’ pay for every year of service, plus a lump-sum payment. sum
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