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lunglung /lʌŋ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  body.jpg HBHHBAone of the two organs in your body that you breathe with Smoking can cause lung cancer. iron lung
Examples from the Corpus
lungOne of the knife blows had punctured a lung.The emptiness inside him was physical, as if his heart and liver and lungs had been removed.I used to think that just from working here, in this building, I would get black lung.Approximately 90% of deaths from lung cancer and bronchitis are caused by smoking.For similar reasons the presence of severe lung disease and chronic kidney disease is a contraindication to disulfiram administration.If the lung is expanding, the radiation bouncing off it is pushed closer together, slightly raising its frequency.Significant numbers of larvae reach the lungs and migrate to the bronchioles where they are killed by the animal's immune response.
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