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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlungfullung‧ful /ˈlʌŋfʊl/ noun [countable]  the amount of air, smoke etc that you breathe in at one timelungful of Polly took in a lungful of crisp cool air.
Examples from the Corpus
lungfulI let go a lungful of air, slumped back against the parapet and lit another Capstan.She gulped in a lungful of air and forced her eyelids open.Sucking in a lungful of cold air, Piper moved once more down the corridor.The old man rose, walked to the back door, pushed it open and inhaled a lungful of air.He could not avoid it, he took a lungful of the diesel fumes from the taxi as it pulled away.Teal Green was coughing up a lungful of smoke when the Base was plunged into darkness.Sucking in a deep lungful of smoke, he looked back at the fiercely blazing funeral pyre for the first time.He went to the front door to collect the milk, eager for his first deep lungful of fresh morning air.
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