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lusciouslus‧cious /ˈlʌʃəs/ adjective  1 DFextremely good to eat or drink a luscious and fragrant dessert wine2 informalSEXY very sexually attractive her luscious body
Examples from the Corpus
lusciousTo my eye, the flower is not at all melancholy but rather luscious.Wearing beautiful jewellery, or luscious colours and wonderful fabrics, is an ancient pleasure: that of self-adornment.This crisp shell gives way to hot luscious crab within, not tricked out with too many spices.It is, quite simply, a filo cup filled with smooth luscious custard.These items offer both texture and luscious flavor.You and me and two luscious girls lying back under the palm trees.luscious ripe strawberriesBack then, those things which couldn't be said were hinted at in the grain of those luscious voices.
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