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lushlush1 /lʌʃ/ adjective  1 HBPDLGplants that are lush grow many leaves and look healthy and strong a lush green mountainous island The fields were lush with grass and flowers.2 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGvery beautiful, comfortable, and expensive syn luxurious lush carpets3 lush music has a lot of pleasant-sounding instruments or voices together lush vocal harmonies4 informal very attractive or nice – used especially by young people He looks so lush in this pic!
Examples from the Corpus
lushMist ferns daily with plastic spray bottle to keep them green and lush.It was green, lush and luxuriant, ringed by the mountains with snowy peaks.lush fabricsa lush gardenFirst, we need a long, warm, unbroken growing season to provide a plentiful diet of lush herbage.The famous walls and ramparts of the city, now surround lush lawns and leafy trees.Similarly, Colescott paints big, lush narrative acrylics on canvas, hard-hitting narrative works that travel across time and history.They have lush stands of elm trees and will require minimal leveling.
lushlush2 noun [countable]  informalMIDRUNK an alcoholic
Examples from the Corpus
lushThis is a film to make you feel fabulous about being a lush.See, the dude is a lush and we give him time to get mellow.It sketches the usual story of Meurent, the model who dabbled in painting, who was a lush and promiscuous.What are you drinking, you big lush?You'll see her sitting at the bar all day. She's a real lush.This lush, seething insularity-what am I supposed to be learning, what are the lessons here?
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