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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlustfullust‧ful /ˈlʌstfəl/ adjective  SEX/HAVE SEX WITHfeeling or showing strong sexual desire She ignored his lustful glances.lustfully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
lustfulUltimately the batterer is himself tricked by his lustful appetite, and his violent acts inevitably escalate.He was not often so skittishly lustful, but the combination of Amaranth and Pretty Woman had had their effect.The melancholic king and his lustful comic consort are out of love, but not so Peter and Emilia.This splashing about at least had several nice moments, with Anjali Bhimani as the lustful daughter Myrrha.Detractors then and now thought it was designed to satisfy the lustful desires of the lusty prophet.The law doesn't distinguish between an isolated lustful incident and a serious long-standing affair.Your virile, lustful lovemaking certainly surprises a partner.I do not think Tony was a lustful man.Club Med is the renowned retreat for lustful yuppies.
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