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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlustrelus‧tre British English, luster American English /ˈlʌstə $ -ər/ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 an attractive shiny appearance Her thick, black hair shone with lustre.2 INTERESTINGthe quality that makes something interesting or exciting There’ll be a celebrity guest to add lustre to the occasion.
Examples from the Corpus
lustreEven after the Papacy had returned to Rome in 1376, the Anti-Popes enabled it to retain its luxury and lustre.Granite and alabaster were also imported with precious materials such as porphyry to give richness and lustre to interiors.Autumn had given the trees that extra golden lustre.The species is beautifully preserved, retaining something of its original lustre, and all the fine details of its ornament.The original lustre of the shell has been retained.They have a handsome shiny lustre which makes them conspicuous from a distance.This is nonsense; the lustre is solely the result of the chemical washing.The team were trudging off the pitch, the diamonds on their shirt-sleeves having long since lost their lustre.The piled fibres absorb and reflect the light, alternating deep and pale hues and giving the cloth its unique lustre.
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