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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlustrouslus‧trous /ˈlʌstrəs/ adjective  shining in a soft gentle way Her hair was beautifully dark and lustrous.
Examples from the Corpus
lustrousIts color is warm and lustrous.So we've combined them in a shampoo that makes dry hair lustrous and more manageable.lustrous black hairHer mouth was full, and a half-moon of light accentuated the lustrous curve of her lower lip.Lexandro's eyes were dark and lustrous, his teeth pearly, his dusky hair crimped and curled and pomaded.That this is also a marriage of insightful stagecraft and lustrous vocalism is the most welcome news of all.His thick hair, still damp and scored with comb marks, was springing back into its usual lustrous waves.His hands now were lustrous with silvery scales flaking off ugly patches of red.
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