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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlustylust‧y /ˈlʌsti/ adjective  STRONG PERSONstrong and healthy syn powerful the lusty cry of a new-born baby her strong, lusty young husbandlustily adverb Her mother was singing lustily.
Examples from the Corpus
lustyMr Gorham is... rather lusty, and has an agreeable and pleasing manner.She was a pretty fiery, and shall we say, a somewhat lusty character.The baby gave a lusty cry.Save all that fine, lusty hatred for me.By 1969 the parish was renowned for its vibrant liturgies, lusty singing and excellent preaching.These are marked by lusty singing and strong rhythms and reflect very much the extrovert nature of the worshippers.A young swain more virile and lusty than he?Wexford was reminded of a butterfly, fresh and lusty, that has escaped from a dried chrysalis.lusty young men
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