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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishluxuriantlux‧u‧ri‧ant /lʌɡˈzjʊəriənt, ləɡˈʒʊəriənt $ ləɡˈʒʊriənt/ adjective  1 GROW/GET BIGGERgrowing strongly and thickly luxuriant black hair luxuriant vegetation2 GOOD/EXCELLENTbeautiful and pleasant to watch or listen to the film’s luxuriant visualsluxuriantly adverb She yawned luxuriantly.luxuriance noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
luxuriantThe contrast of this laughing, luxuriant beauty with the clear-cut, austere grandeur all around arrests the attention sharply.a luxuriant black beardFair-haired with a luxuriant drooping moustache.The hair was already thinning and perhaps to compensate he had grown a luxuriant Groucho moustache which almost hid his mouth.He was well over six feet, his hair was black and his eyes gleamed amber from between luxuriant lashes.The so late proud and luxuriant occupants all gone..I have never seen such luxuriant pampering of bodies.luxuriant proseIt was green, lush and luxuriant, ringed by the mountains with snowy peaks.
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