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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishluxuriouslux‧u‧ri‧ous /lʌɡˈzjʊəriəs, ləɡˈʒʊəriəs $ ləɡˈʒʊriəs/ ●○○ adjective  EXPENSIVEvery expensive, beautiful, and comfortable a luxurious 30-room villaluxuriously adverb The cabin was luxuriously furnished.
Examples from the Corpus
luxuriousThe hotel we stayed in was really luxurious.Apparently some Rentokil staff are considering enlisting as the barracks are now so luxurious.By present day standards the prices were, of course, absurd, although the cooking was luxurious and the service impeccable.a luxurious brown leather sofaAtlantis is one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships.Invest in good-quality furniture and you can turn it into a luxurious haven that will look good for years to come.Sam Lord's Castle is now a luxurious hotel owned by race sponsors Marriott's.a room in a luxurious New York hotelMade by John Smedley in luxurious sea-island cotton, it sports posh white collar and cuff.He selects the simplest separates, furnishings or suits and re-creates them in the most luxurious way he can imagine.a luxurious yacht
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