Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: luxurie, from Latin luxuria 'too great quantity'


lux‧u‧ry plural luxuries
1 [uncountable] very great comfort and pleasure, such as you get from expensive food, beautiful houses, cars etc
in luxury
She stole to keep her boyfriend in luxury.
He was leading a life of luxury in Australia.
luxury hotel/car/home etc (=expensive and large)
We stayed in a five-star luxury hotel.
The dress is lambswool - pure luxury.
2 [countable] something expensive that you do not need, but you buy for pleasure and enjoyment [≠ necessity]:
luxuries like chocolate and perfume

afford/have/enjoy the luxury of something

to have something that is very pleasant or convenient, that you are not always able to have:
For the first time in three years, they actually had the luxury of a whole day together.

➔ in the lap of luxury

at lap1 (5)

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