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lyricallyr‧i‧cal /ˈlɪrɪkəl/ adjective  1 ALAPMbeautifully expressed in words, poetry, or music lyrical love poetry2 wax lyrical
Examples from the Corpus
lyricalThe violin and cello ease into a lyrical assignment.Cynthia Kadohota's lyrical first novelSome have ideas for lyrical language.His lyrical, meditative poetry speaks to nature and a sense of place.He has recreated the mood of his beloved Provence in a lyrical mural of clustered vines.The other residents were two friends, Marjorie and Heather, and a girl with the lyrical name of Charmian Romanis.Only the small, nonconformist fraternity were concerned with private and lyrical values.In 1900 he published, with R. Silyn Roberts, a book of lyrical verse entitled Telynegion.He was its poet and its prophet for almost 60 years and when he died Saturday, a lyrical voice was silenced.
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