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macmac, mack /mæk/ noun [countable] British English  DCCa coat which you wear to keep out the rain syn mackintosh
Examples from the Corpus
macIt hasn't quite been a wash-out, although the umbrellas and macs are out in force.Outside the hotel Maggie turned up the collar of her mac.He wore a cap and a longish mac done up at the neck.It was short and hairy and it wore a long plastic mac.He was getting hot inside his rubberized riding mac.That was to show off their ten shilling macs.Kenneth leading the way, trench mac billowing, we running three steps to his one to keep up.
Related topics: Computers
MacMac /mæk/ noun  1 [countable] trademark informal ((Apple) Macintosh) a type of personal computerPC Can you run this software on a Mac?2 American English spoken old-fashionedMANTALK TO somebody used to address a man whose name you do not know
Examples from the Corpus
MacMy roommate just got a Mac.The scale of the global Mac attack is impressive.Hey, Mac, get out of the way.Once, the coolest software was always developed first for the Mac.The company already has licensed the Mac system to Motorola.The Mac could be its salvation!The Mac team was exhausted by the time they got their machine out the door.Nearby, Pre-Owned Electronics offered refurbished, used Macs with six-month warranties.
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