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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmacabrema‧ca‧bre /məˈkɑːbrə, -bə $ -brə, -bər/ adjective  UNPLEASANTvery strange and unpleasant and connected with death or with people being seriously hurt a macabre tale a macabre sense of humour
Examples from the Corpus
macabreThese drawings of the dead are moving rather than macabre.Politics, blocked, has turned macabre.Here sea, death and physical passion combine in a macabre and concrete image.Although the spectacle had macabre entertainment value, a fundamental question got buried in the slime: Did Carey finagle the books?And though this may sound macabre, I did enjoy last night once it got going.a macabre sense of humorDimitri's enquiry didn't seem in the least strange or macabre to me.It adds a macabre touch to the bones from the hospital.Just as macabre was the 8 for 28 collapse at Leeds.
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