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machetema‧chet‧e /məˈʃeti, məˈtʃeti/ noun [countable]  PMWTZa large knife with a broad heavy blade, used as a weapon or a tool a machete attack
Examples from the Corpus
macheteA postmortem found both women died from multiple injuries caused by a machete.The bloody gash behind his left ear had been cut with a machete.Five raiders armed with sawn-off shotguns, rifles and machetes stole more than £10,000 from Dry, part of the Factory empire.At the north side I saw a man sitting in the field, in the midst of busy machetes.Foresters passed us, small wiry men carrying machetes and, in one case, a crossbow for shooting birds.At the same instant, Petion hurled the machete at the nearest Secte Rouge guard who also carried a machete.They lay their machetes down on the side of the road, out of the way.
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