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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmachismoma‧chis‧mo /məˈtʃɪzməʊ, -ˈkɪz- $ mɑːˈtʃɪzmoʊ, mə-/ noun [uncountable]  MANtraditional male behaviour that emphasizes how brave, strong, and sexually attractive a man is
Examples from the Corpus
machismoThere is the added machismo of breaking the law.Joe was the antithesis of Leslie - big and blond, with considerable colonial machismo.Call it machismo, if you want.If these principles are undermined for the sake of legal machismo, there will be nothing on which to build.A writer like Sylvia Lopez-Medina attempts to revise the culture of machismo toward her own ends.Nor do they see how such music can, after all, be a deconstruction of machismo.Supporters of this kind of regulatory machismo held out hope that this agreement will revolutionize our efforts to control tobacco.Masking his doubts with machismo, he feels he is not really a man unless he can seize whatever he wants.
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