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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMadameMad‧ame /ˈmædəm, məˈdɑːm/ noun (plural Mesdames /meɪˈdæm $ -ˈdɑːm/)  used to address or refer to a French-speaking woman, especially one who is marriedMademoiselle, Monsieur Madame Lefèvre
Examples from the Corpus
MadameMadame de Sevigne telling the story of the poisoner, Madame de Brinvilliers, about to undergo the water torture.The story is revealing: for her, Madame Butterfly was the role of her life.When he turned round, Madame was staring at the closed door of the safe.Sauteuse, Madame, Georgiana Podsnap's dancing-teacher.There was even the possibility that it was Mademoiselle V rather than Madame.But I noticed that Madame de Mauban went on to Strelsau, the capital.
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