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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMadameMad‧ame /ˈmædəm, məˈdɑːm/ noun (plural Mesdames /meɪˈdæm $ -ˈdɑːm/) 🔊 🔊 used to address or refer to a French-speaking woman, especially one who is marriedMademoiselle, Monsieur 🔊 Madame Lefèvre
Examples from the Corpus
MadameMadame de Sevigne telling the story of the poisoner, Madame de Brinvilliers, about to undergo the water torture.The story is revealing: for her, Madame Butterfly was the role of her life.When he turned round, Madame was staring at the closed door of the safe.Sauteuse, Madame, Georgiana Podsnap's dancing-teacher.There was even the possibility that it was Mademoiselle V rather than Madame.But I noticed that Madame de Mauban went on to Strelsau, the capital.
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