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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaddeningmad‧den‧ing /ˈmædənɪŋ/ adjective  ANNOYvery annoying syn infuriating maddening delaysmaddeningly adverb He moved carefully and maddeningly slowly.
Examples from the Corpus
maddeningThe 999 call took a maddening amount of time, but finally the ambulance and the police were on their way.Golf can be a maddening game.Lying awake in the small hours, after falling asleep quickly, can become another maddening habit.One consequence of this hub-and-spoke system is the maddening inability to fly direct between seemingly obvious routes.Fincara's maddening laughter rippled out, and she stepped over to him as easily as a dancer.William turned from the maddening object, got dressed and went downstairs to find something to eat.Eventually, the woman left, after putting the remaining coins back into her purse with maddening slowness.She waited a few moments then rang the bell again, and this time the door opened with maddening slowness.That's the maddening thing about these stories.
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