1x-ref the past tense and past participle of make

factory-made/German-made/homemade etc

made in a factory, in Germany, at home etc:
sales of Japanese-made cars

have (got) it made

informal to have everything that you need for success or for a happy life:
Nice house, good job, lovely family - you've got it made!

see/find out what somebody is (really) made of

informal to find out how strong, brave etc someone is or how skilful they are at doing something:
Come on then! Let's see what you're made of.

I'm not made of money

spoken used when someone has asked you to pay for something in order to say that you cannot afford it and that you think they are being unreasonable:
I can't buy you shoes as well - I'm not made of money!

be made for each other

informal to be completely suitable for each other, especially as husband and wife:
Sue and Joe were made for each other.

be made (for life)

informal to be so rich that you will never have to work again:
If the deal is successful, I'll be made for life.

be made up

spoken informal to feel very pleased and satisfied about something that has happened:
When I heard she was pregnant, I was really made up for her.

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