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made-upˈmade-up adjective  1 UNTRUEa story, name, word etc that is made-up is not true or real She used a made-up name.2 DCBwearing make-up on your face She was heavily made-up (=wearing a lot of make-up).
Examples from the Corpus
made-upDo I look too made-up?In place of those silly horses with two people inside them there are fat people made-up as Klingons.Robert, Ian and - yes, that heavily made-up blonde was Dawn.The blonde struck a pose and fixed a tight smile on her immaculately made-up face.I jerked my arm away and gave him a made-up name, then told him to keep his goddam hands off.a made-up nameHeavily made-up stewardesses serve up fatty meals and stale rolls.heavily made-upRobert, Ian and - yes, that heavily made-up blonde was Dawn.Short-skirted and heavily made-up, she smoked and drank and behaved in a way that outraged many of the older generation.
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