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maelstrommael‧strom /ˈmeɪlstrəm/ noun [countable]  1 CONTROLa confusing situation full of events or strong emotions that is difficult to understand or deal with syn whirlpoolmaelstrom of a maelstrom of conflicting emotions2 HEMdust or water that moves very quickly in circles A spinning maelstrom of rain swept around the mountain.3 a violent storm
Examples from the Corpus
maelstromOnce inside, she slid the bolt, leaning thankfully against the door, a maelstrom of emotions fighting for supremacy.That way, every drop goes through the magnetic maelstrom.Holder finds himself marooned in the maelstrom, under attack for giving advice he never fully considered.One mistake would spill me into the maelstrom on my right.At every stage new groups of showmen sprang up out of the maelstrom of society.The maelstrom against which my sister grows to be a toddler.Featuring prominently in the centre of this maelstrom was the towering figure of Richard Baxter.maelstrom ofA maelstrom of criticism surrounded Simon's last album.
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