Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Early French, 'building where things are stored', from Old Provençal, from Arabic makhazin, plural of makhzan 'storehouse'


mag‧a‧zine S2 W2 [countable]
1TCN a large thin book with a paper cover that contains news stories, articles, photographs etc, and is sold weekly or monthly
fashion/computer/women's etc magazine
a glossy fashion magazine
She's the editor of a popular women's magazine.
a magazine article
She glanced over the magazine racks.
2 a television or radio programme which is made up of a number of reports:
a local news magazine programme
3PMW the part of a gun that holds the bullets
4TCB the part that holds the film in a camera or projector
5PMW a room or building for storing weapons, explosives etc

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