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magentama‧gen‧ta /məˈdʒentə/ noun [uncountable]  CCa dark reddish purple colourmagenta adjective
Examples from the Corpus
magentaSo yellow and cyan produces green, and yellow and magenta produces red.Primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow.One contains black ink; the other contains cyan, magenta and yellow.The three parts carry either cyan, magenta and yellow ink or red, green and blue ink.The white woman picked a branch of magenta bougainvillea flowers and put them in a glass on the table.A shiver of magenta vibrates a yellow aureole of wall, dark teal scribbles a cloud of gray-blue floor.He found hubcaps.-He repainted the car a pretty magenta.Although it is summer, she is wearing magenta stockings and black shoes with delicate straps.
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