2 adjective
1 [only before noun] in stories, a magic word or object has special powers that make the person using it able to do impossible things:
a book of magic spells
a magic sword
2 relating to the skill of doing tricks to entertain people:
His best magic trick is sawing a lady in half.

magic number/word

a number or word that is particularly important or desired in a particular situation:
The magic words 'a million pounds' will get everyone's attention.

the magic word

the word 'please' - used when speaking to children:
What's the magic word then, Katie?

magic touch

a special ability to make things work well or to make people happy:
She's got a magic touch with babies.

magic moment

a short time which seems beautiful and special:
She didn't want to spoil this magic moment.

magic circle

a group of powerful people who are friendly with each other and help each other:
His outspokenness denied him access to the magic circle and he was never given high office.
8 British English spoken very good or very enjoyable [= great]:
'Did you have a good time?' 'Yeah, it was magic!'

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