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magicianma‧gi‧cian /məˈdʒɪʃən/ noun [countable]  1 MAGICa man in stories who can use magic syn sorcerer, wizard2 magician.jpg APBOan entertainer who performs magic tricks syn conjurer
Examples from the Corpus
magicianThe first act in the talent show is the Great Gregorini, a magician.Yeah, they hired a magician to come and do magic and he was really terrific.After all, Seldon was not a magician.They were fascinated by him, as if he were a magician, which of course he is.The little magician did take seven wickets but he had to bowl 97 overs to get them.There he learned his second craft, that of magician.And then the genie told him about the magician disguised as the holy woman.The mystic and the magician are examples of contrasting approaches.We watched in amazement as the magician made all the rings disappear.
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