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magnesiamag‧ne‧sia /mæɡˈniːʃə, -ʒə/ noun [uncountable]  HCCMD milk of magnesia
Examples from the Corpus
magnesiaThey contain between 0.6 % and 0.8 % magnesia and contain low potassium oxide levels.The clays consist of silica tetrahedra and the octahedra contain magnesia surrounded by oxygen atoms and hydroxyl groups.Some glazes contain elevated magnesia which increases their durability; this was certainly necessary given the low calcium oxide levels.Other analyses of soda-rich plant ashes contained considerably higher magnesia levels accompanying the soda.Milk of magnesia, an osmotic laxative, was used according to age, body weight, and severity of the constipation.The compositional differences are principally due to impurity levels of the oxides of magnesia, and lead in the glasses.Indigestion could be quelled with a simple magnesia tablet, thousands of which she chewed in her lifetime.The different soda, magnesia and phosphorus pentoxide levels can be related to the use of a different soda source.
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