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mail orderˌmail ˈorder noun [uncountable]  BBTa method of buying and selling in which the buyer chooses goods at home and orders them from a company which sends them by postby mail order It is available by mail order from Green Life Products. a mail order catalogue
Examples from the Corpus
mail orderThe above are available, mail order from: The Traveller's Bookshop, , .Available mail order from London Selfridges Food Hall by calling 071-629 1234.They discovered that the pair were also trading at a stall in Abingdon and by mail order.Available by mail order from Adrian Arbib, London.Selling direct, by mail order and on the telephone, is cost effective, which means low prices for recession-strapped customers.Both products are available from Sebastian appointed salons or by mail order.Direct mail order sale of food products by food manufacturers and specialty shops has become big business.There is no mail order facility.by mail orderOur software is available by mail order.
From Longman Business Dictionarymail orderˌmail ˈorder noun [uncountable]COMMERCE a method of buying and selling in which the buyer chooses goods at home, either from a CATALOGUE (=a book containing pictures and descriptions of goods for sale) or from the Internet, and has them sent to their homeI buy most of my software by mail order.a mail-order cataloguea mail-order house (=a company that sends goods direct from a warehouse to customers)mail-order verb [intransitive, transitive]CD ROMs can be mail-ordered too.
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